Corrugated Box Industry of India- An Overview

The market is expected to reach over INR 63,000 Crore by the end of year 2023 as in terms of revenues it is growing at a CAGR of 23.3%. There are several factors that are propelling the growth of corrugated boxes industry, some of them are:
  • Rising demands of corrugated boxes from fresh food & beverages, electronic goods and home & personal care goods industries
  • Increasing awareness of consumers for sustainable packaging
  • Enhancing trend and growth of the e-commerce industry

Before starting this business, we have well-analyzed the industry and found tremendous opportunities to serve customers. We work with honesty to well-serve customers of corrugated boxes market and be a crucial part of India.

Resources We Have

To be efficient in our work, we have updated ourselves with strong human and capital resources. The capital resources include sophisticated infrastructure, modern cutting machines, stapler and many modern machines & equipment that boost up our productivity. These facilities give ease to our workers and enable in supplying several types of corrugated boxes including quality Partition Corrugated Box, Cardboard Corrugated Box, Brown Corrugated Box, etc. to customers without any delays.

Well-equipped Facility

We very well aware with the fact that to run a business, a modern and well-equipped infrastructure facility is must. Without a sophisticated facility, it is impossible to operate the company successfully. Our firm is backed with an advance operating unit in Haridwar, Uttarakhand from where we carried out all the business operations smoothly. All the operations in our company are handled by qualified professionals who work sincerely and honestly.

"We are accepting only Bulk Order Quantity."
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